About Monroeville CDC


The Monroeville/Monroe County Community Development Corporation (MMCCDC) is a nonprofit organization created in 2010 from local efforts of the Monroeville/Monroe County Economic Development Authority to collaborate with community organizations in revitalizing the City of Monroeville and Monroe County. The MMCCDC is charged with advancing, promoting, endowing, developing, improving and maintaining the quality of life for the citizens of Monroe County, Alabama.


Self Help: The MMCCDC is an organization which local stakeholders (residents, churches, and businesses) created to take responsibility for improving their neighborhoods and enforcing neighborly behavior.
Community Building: Our goal is to rebuild communities physically, economically, and socially; to reinforce the social fabric and strengthen community institutions.
Local Control: The MMCCDC is a local community board and effort. By working on the local level and addressing issues and concerns of the community, the MMCCDC works to attract investments and build relationships between community leaders, corporate entities, and public and private sectors.
Partnerships: The MMCCDC realizes no single organization can revive our communities alone. We seek to build a consensus and work towards a common ground among community leaders, local governments, and the private sector.


MMCCDC is a building block to improve the City of Monroeville and Monroe County.
Across our country, communities are in trouble. In our own community we have witnessed the economy fluctuate drastically, social ties weaken, and political power fade. However, with the formation of the MMCCDC our local leaders decided to fight back; rebuild our community, enhance our quality of life, and create a home for all of us. In the face of diminished prospects for outside help, we are working with local organizations that lie at the heart of the community to re-strengthen Monroe County.

The MMCCDC is dedicated to providing the citizens of Monroe County and the City of Monroeville with responsive, compassionate, fair, and efficient services with diversity in our programs of support and an unflagging commitment to our residents. We will continue to find new and innovative ways to meet our objectives of revitalizing our community and improving our quality of life.